Lifes Matrix. A biography of water


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Date de sortie:25/06/2001
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Life's Matrix tells of water's origins, its history, and its fascinating pervasiveness: there are, for example, at least fourteen different forms of ice. A provocative exploration of water on other planets highlights the possibilities of life beyond Earth. Life’s Matrix Philip Ball This is the extended text of an article that appeared in Agenda, a book on water published by Hoffmann & Campe in _____ ‘If I were called in to construct a religion’, said Philip Larkin, ‘I should make use of. /6/20 · One of the four elements of classical antiquity, water is central to the environment of our planet. In Life's Matrix, Philip Ball writes of water's origins, history, and unique physical character. As a geological agent, water shapes mountains, canyons, and coastlines, and 1/5(1).Life's Matrix: A Biography of Water de Philip Ball sur - ISBN - ISBN - Farrar Straus Giroux - - Couverture. Découvrez sur Life's Matrix. A biography of water par Philip Ball - Éditeur University of California Press - Librairie Decitre. Téléchargement ebook mobile Life's Matrix: A Biography of Water, With a new preface by Philip Ball in French PDF CHM ePub. Philip Ball. One of the four.

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